Club and widows, is there a firmware required?

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1 on 25-07-2016

Just bought club 3d multi stream transport (mst) hub displayport 1-4 to use with samsung with my windows 7. I have connected the hud to the laptop and the monitors, but nothing seems to work. Do I need to instal some firmware? Please help.

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0 on 28-07-2016

Hi Kipro,
To be able to give you decent advise i will need more info;
brand / Type of your screens
What system you use (OS) and what Graphcis is inside ?
What cables are you using / how are the screens connected ?

In general, a DiaplsyPort 1.2 Output has enouguh bandwidth to send 4 x 1920×180 at 60Hz thru. When the system supports MST Feature (Windows 7 does support that) you are able to send 4 inividual video signals thru a single DP1.2 output and the MST will distribute those to the Screens. No need for drivers or anything like that. It could be that the in the Graphics Settigns of the system you will nee to enable the screens, but the sytem should recognize them when connected.

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