Color accuracy on monitor with CAC-1557

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Currently I use the ‘ USB Type C Cable to DisplayPort™ 1.4 8K60Hz’ (CAC-1557) to connect my Macbook Pro to my external monitor.
(A IIyama G-Master Red Eagle 34 inch monitor)

I also use this monitor with my PC.

As I work with Illustrator and Indesign a lot, color accuracy is quite important.

So the problem I have is when I connect my macbook to my monitor the colors aren’t bright and a bit dull. I don’t have this problem when I use my monitor with my PC (HDMI to Displayport cable)

Is it possible this does have anything to do with the cable I use, or could it be an Macbook / Apple problem? And could it be fixed in any way?

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0 on 12-04-2021

Hi DaanW99,

A cable doesn’t change the color of a screen. It sends a signal it recieves. Reads like the issue is with the Mac.


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