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Hi , i’m thinking to purchase the CSV 6400 to be able to hook up more screens to my laptop.

I’m still mostly confused if this option will give me multiple extra outputs threated as one extra screen by windows , while keeping my other gpu outputs available to use, or does it “replace” my other gpu ports.

I have a MSI laptop with a GTX1070 max Q , with a mini displayport 1.2 , hdmi & usb C connectors on the GPU .

I am looking for a solution so i would be using 6 full hd screens in total = Laptop screen , HDMI , usb C , +3x hdmi out on the MST hub on mini DP1.2 .


Does this device works like i hope to or does it “replace” the other outputs on the GPU , still limiting me to my laptop screen + 3 gpu outputs , now on the hub instead of on the gpu with adapters ?


Thx !

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0 on 19-06-2018

Good day Grimm,

Most Notebooks do not support more than 3 screens in total, meaning its own plus 2 extra. There are a few Notebooks in the market now with descreet grpahics inside that do support more, but  it would very much surprize me if your notebook would support 6 screens. This is not an issue with outputs and does not ahv enaything to do with how an MST Hub functions, it is simply a limitation of the GPU inside the source system and/or build in the Notebook.
So please check that with MSI.

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1 on 20-06-2018

Well depends how you look on it i guess . It does work with a datapath fx4 graphics processor and i was hoping this item was delivering the same possibilities. 

Otherwise my laptop is indeed limited to 3 outputs thats correct 

on 21-06-2018

Yes, so the CSV-6400 can handle 4 x 1080p at 60Hz for sure.
For this to work, the source system needs to have a DP1.2 output (or newer) and of course support for MST.

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