Connect Cinema Display (20″) to 2019 MacBook Pro

Updated on 05-07-2021 in Adapters and Cables
6 on 01-07-2021

Hi there, have just bought a Club 3D CAC-1510 USB Type C to DVI-I Dual Link Active Adapter 6Z2MG to connect an old Apple Cinema display (20″) to a 2019 MacBook Pro. The display screen flashes on and off for a couple of seconds, but I can’t seem to get a stable connection. Any ideas please?! 

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5 on 01-07-2021

Hi Petemccormack,

I think you should had bought the CAC-1510-A HDCP OFF version of the adapter. Where are you located?

Please contact [email protected] and describe your issue including hardware used. Perrty sure they will help you.

on 01-07-2021

Hi Baak – oh thanks very much – very helpful! 

I’m in the UK. I’ll get on to support@ and see what they say. 

Thanks again 🙂

on 01-07-2021

Get this one from Scan

on 01-07-2021

Cheers Baak. You’re a 🌟

Really appreciate your help!

on 02-07-2021

Just to confirm for anyone that has the same issue – the above suggestion worked and I’ve been able to connect the cinema display to my 2019 MacBook without any issues. Thanks again Baak 🙂

on 05-07-2021

Happy it worked out!

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