CSV-1460: Displayport Ports don’t work?!

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I have just tried with my Macbook Pro 2017 13 inches and the installed system macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 to use the displayport function. But I cannot get the screens to work. USB works, aux works and lan works. Only the screens stay black. I already have tried different cables / screens.
Any hints on how I could make the screens work correctly?!


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0 on 28-02-2018

Good day HAW,

What screens are you using (Brand / Type)?
What Cables are you using to connect them to the Docking Station?

When connecting the screens and turning them on, does you MacBook see/recognise them ?
If not please do this.

Disconnect Docking Station.
Uninstall all DisplayLink Software.
Download and install latest Software for MAC OS
you can find that here:
Now connect CSV-1460 and it should work in proper manner.

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3 on 28-02-2018

at first thanks for the fast response.
I did it the way you told me but the screens do not work anyway.

I wanted to use two Dell screes model U2212HMc with two standard cables (first cable form BizLink, second cable from molex)
The screen only says that there is no signal from the computer.

Any other idea?

on 01-03-2018

I am thinking the screen could be having a compatibility issue, Please check with Dell for a firmware update for the Screens.

To make sure the Docking Station is ok, is it possible to connect another screen then Dell U2212HM to it ?

on 12-03-2018

I solved the problem today…
I found the solution directly at the website from displaylink.com.
Attached the link:

Anyway, many thanks for the support.

on 12-03-2018

Good to hear 🙂
and thans a lot for the feedback

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