CSV-1477 Blurry Text

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just connected up my new Club3D CSV-1477 adapter.  However, I am experiencing slightly blurry text on the monitors connected to it.

First, a little background.  I have the adapter connected to a Lenovo ThinkPad P71 via a USB 3.0 port on its 40A5 mechanical docking station.  The monitors had been connected directly to the docking station, but that prevented me from using my primary monitor at 3840×2160 60Hz.  With all three screens hooked up, the main screen ran at 30Hz.  With the monitors connected to the adapter, I am able to run the main screen at 4k 60Hz.  Also, it enables me to hook both using DisplayPort, whereas before the adapter, one was connected with VGA.

The two monitors connected to the adapter are both HP Z23n v2.  If it’s relevant, the monitor not connected to the adapter is an AOC U32V3.  They are running at 1080×1920 75Hz.  They are in portrait mode.  It makes no difference to lower the refresh to 60Hz or even to 50Hz.  I also tried ClearType tuning.  No joy.

From what I understand, this adapter is supposed to support 3840×2160 60Hz on each port, or 5120×2880 60Hz on one port.

Mode Bandwidth
5120x2880 60Hz 20250 Mbps
3840x2160 60Hz 11391 Mbps
1920x1080 75Hz 3560 Mbps
1920x1080 60Hz 2848 Mbps
1920x1080 50Hz 2373 Mbps

According to my figures, even at 75Hz, I should be well below the capabilities of the adapter.  What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Sridhar,

Does the blurry text also forms when you connect the CSV-1477 directly into your Laptop and not in your docking?

Also you might want to have a look at the color settings. Make sure it’s not on 422 or 420 as that makes text look blurry.

The adapter can do 1080P@75Hz . Should be no problem.

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