CSV-1534 USB-C + XPS 9550 + dock compatibility

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1 on 04-10-2016

Hello, I’d like to know if I can use CSV-1534 hub between Dell WD15 dock and XPS 9550 via USB-C to be able to connect 4k@60hz monitor via CSC-1534s HDMI output? Will WD15 dock work? Unfortunately Dells top notch things don’t support 4k60hz.
It’s hard to explain

Dell XPS 9550 >
—— usb-c > CSV-1534 >
———— usb-c > Dell WD15
———— hdmi > 4k60hz monitor


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0 on 05-10-2016

Hi usbcQuiz,

We did not test this, but i seriously doubt if this will work.
The CSV-1534 has a USB2.0 output and a HDMI2.0 output and the USB Type C is for charging only (no data).  So you will need to connect the Screen directly to the CSV-1534 to get 4K60Hz, which leaves you 1 x USB2.0 to connect to the WD15 Docking ….

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