CSV 1545 with NUC8I7BEH worked fine for 6 month but now flikker

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0 on 24-01-2020

My set up three identical monitors 1920 x 1200. One HDMI and dp1  and dp2 (via CSV 1545. 

The monitors are samsung syncmaster 2443bw 

After anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour dp1 will start flickering and sync is offf. So my left edge of the monitor is about in the middle of the monitor and very hard to see. I have swapped the monitors around, Upgraded the NUC to latest drivers, Flashed the BIOS with latest update. Still no change. Since all is well when I start up it seem to indicate it’s heat sensitive and possibly a hardware problem. As mentioned the configuration has worked fine for over 6 month with no problems. I guess I’m looking for some help of finding out if it’s the CSV 1545 or the NUC that may be failing. Who provides the sync to the display ?  I have also tired with only one monitor if the CSV and the problem still persists. 

Any help is much appreciated,  

Kindly Jeff

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