CSV-1550 – Not recognised by Laptop (Windows 11)

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I have a ROG Strix 17 2023 (G733PZ) which has a DisplayPort capable USB C port. I’ve connected the device & followed the instructions provided but have a flashing green light on the source side of the adapter & neither of my monitors are being detected. I can also see that the USB 2.0 BillBoard device appears but as mentioned, no output to my displays. Device Manager shows no issues and my system is fully up-to-date.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Try to disconnect everything.

Add the CSV-1550 to the system. Click the reset button on the bottom.

Then connect 1 display first, if you look at the adapter holding the cable up, left port first. Let the laptop find the display. Then add the second display to the bottom of the adapter.


on 16-02-2024

Tried this, removed all USBs, etc and plugged it in. No light came on till I plugged in the 1st display. I reset both before adding the display & then after when I continued to experience issues. Windows is detecting the USB connecting but not as a display.

on 19-02-2024

Could you reach out to [email protected] and try with them.

The light means there is a handshake. Is the USB-C using the GPU or the CPU?

Maybe you can change the video output? From GPU to CPU or visa versa?

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