CSV-1550: ROG Zephyrus G14

Updated on 07-01-2021 in MST Hub
1 on 14-11-2020


I purchased the CSV-1550 to use with an ROG Zephyrus G14 and a couple Freesync monitors. I have another USB-C MST hub that works correctly (no Freesync though), so I know the alt mode port is okay. However, when I plug the CSV-1550 into that port and plug in a DP monitor, it doesn’t work as expected. No extra displays are showing in Windows display settings or the Nvidia Control Panel.

In Device Manager, the device shows up as “USB 2.0 BILLBOARD”.

I have tried pressing the reset button underneath. I tried running Windows update to see if any drivers would show up there. I also tried restarting the computer. Is there anything else that I may need to do to get this working, or is it just not compatible with this laptop?

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0 on 07-01-2021

I just received the same hub, to plug into the same laptop model, with the same graphics card. Hub input is blinking, laptop does not discover hub or monitors (brand new). I need help, fast, as this is business use.

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