CSV-1562: 2x 4k@60Hz with DP? DisplayLink?

Updated on 11-10-2019 in Docking Station
3 on 02-10-2019

Hi there

I have two questions regarding the Dockingstation CSV-1562 USB-C 3.2 Gen1 Triple 4K:


  1. Does this docking station use DisplayLink?
  2.  Can I attach 2x 4k displays @ 60Hz with DP?
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2 on 03-10-2019

Hi Kenjo

yes it does indeed use a Displaylink chip.

you are able to do 2x 4k@60hz over DP.

please see link for all specifications:



on 03-10-2019

No need to see checks. Becuase of DisplayLink it’s not really usable.

on 11-10-2019

Hi Kenjo,

usable for what purpose?

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