CSV-1562/CSV-1460: Clarification about Required Driver

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a) What is the reason that a driver is necessary for the USB-C docking stations CSV-1562 or CSV-1460?

  • Internal Graphics Card?
  • Firmware Update?


b) What is working without the driver? (e.g. EFI/BIOS, Boot-Media like CD/DVD/BD/USB)

  • USB? (e.g. keyboard, mouse)
  • LAN/Ethernet?
  • Video?
  • Audio?
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0 on 25-01-2021

Hi Maddes,

Same reason as why you need drivers for a mouse or keyboard. To make it work. 


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1 on 27-01-2021

CSV-1460 uses DisplayLink. It has no video input. Video is compressed and transmitted by USB to the DisplayLink adapter built-in to the CSV-1460 which decompresses it to DisplayPort or HDMI. A driver is required to do the compression and transmission.

The specs for the CSV-1562 are unclear. It has a USB-C input and says DisplayPort Alt Mode is required for video. But then the downloads page and install guide mentions DisplayLink drivers so maybe one port is connected to the computer’s GPU via DisplayPort Alt Mode, and the other two ports are connected via DisplayLink? The specifications don’t mention which DisplayLink chip is used.

Club 3D doesn’t list their products on the displaylink.com website.


on 04-02-2021

Hello “joevt”,

thanks for the information about the drivers.

Let’s see if Club 3D can give additional information and answer what will work without the driver.

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