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3 on 26-05-2020

Hi, I can not charge my PC and connect to Display. ( USB mouse and headset are working)

My PC is HP elitebook 820 G3, and OS is Windows 10 Enterprise (vers. 1809).

Would you have any instructions? 

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2 on 27-05-2020

Hi Chiho, the HP 820G3 USB C does not seem to have the needed DisplayPort Alt mode functionality – it only has the standard USB Gen1 for data. It also does not support Uplink PowerDelivery for Charging purpposes –https://laptopmedia.com/laptop-specs/hp-elitebook-820-g3-4/ – based on this site 


on 28-05-2020

Thank you ! 

I am going to change docking station.

on 14-07-2020

try the CSV-1562 or the CSV-1460

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