CSV-1564 Can not use it with DELL Latitude 3520 – not enough wattage

Updated on 01-10-2021 in Docking Station
0 on 01-10-2021


I am using the Club 3D USB 3.2 Gen1 Type V Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock (with a 60 watts power supply ) that is connected via usbc to a Dell Latitude 3520. If I start it, it says that only 55 watts arrive to the notebook. My latitude needs 60 Watts. So I bought a 65 watts power supply for this dock.

After ich changed the power supplys only 45 watts arrived to the notebook. The latitude does not charge if it has not at least 60 Watts. Am I missing something? What can I do that the connected laptop will get its demanded 60 watts? 

I noticed something else. If the computer gets into energy saving and the dock is still on, the user will have no internet connection after he startet the device and logged in.

I hope somebody can help me out. 

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