CSV-1564 Causes SSD Corruption Upon Power-On After Connection

Updated on 30-10-2020 in Docking Station
1 on 29-10-2020

I really like this hub as the USB-2.0 and 3.0 connections are stable, even when they are all populated. The only concerning thing is when the hub is powered-off. If the hub is off, and then I connect it to my laptop, and then power the hub on, something will go awry in my laptop, causing my SSD to corrupt, and a blue-screen error (page fault in nonpaged area).  

At first I really liked the option of turning the hub on/off (which would power-off the attached peripherals at the same time). However, it seems as though I need to keep the hub on all the time in order for the usb-C to smoothly connect over to the laptop.

Any suggestions?



HP Probook 445 G7 (AMD 4700U)

32 GB Ram (Kingston HyperXImpact)

1 TB XPG SX8200 Pro

CSV-1564 connected to: external display via DP, ethernet, mouse, webcam, printer/scanner, external sound card, 90 Watt PD power supply.


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0 on 30-10-2020

It seems that my external sound card (Focusrite 2i4) connected to the dock was causing the issue. I’m seeing if the issue still exists if the external sound card is disconnected from the dock (and connected directly to the laptop instead). Will update, but should this even be an issue if connected to the dock first?

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