CSV-1564 charging power and cable types

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I have a CSV-1564 docking station for use with a Dell Latitude 7490. It states it needs 65 watts of power for charging.

According to the specifications the docking station has one USB-C connection that supports 20V/5A. I cannot find in the manual which port it is.

Further i would like to know if the supplied cables are 20V/3A or 20V/5A cables (60 or 100 watt). This applies to the red cable and the 27 cm short cable that connects the laptop with the dock.

Can somewone explain which port has the 5A capability and if the cables are 3 or 5A?

I know the supplied adapter is only 60watts, but it already died after a half hour of use on the docking station, and the original power adapter for the Dell laptop was also connected, because without it i got a warning for insufficient power.

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1 on 14-07-2020

  5V-9V-12V-15V-20V/3A, 5V/2,4A up to 60W the supplied power Plug and cable is supporting these Power Delivery Charges 

The Port in the Dock is marked with the Red Square – which connects to the power Plug. The Black shorter cable is the one that connects to your Notebook and charges the notebook – that cable does data and power up to 100W. Since the power plug is only up to 45W thats the max power you get to charge your laptop. For higher power charge you need to go to the CAC-1903

You should be able to get service on the power adapter – thats really unfortunate that it died 

on 14-07-2020

Thanks for the answer. That the red port should be able to handle the 5A/100watt seems obvious, because it is the power in. According to your explanation it is the central USB-C port where the short cable is connected to the laptop the one that can also handle the 5A/100W right?

Also the website states for the CAC-1902 in the specifications: When charged USB C alone output is 5V-9V-12V-15V-20V/ 3A to 60W – supports PD 2.0 and QuickCharging 3.0 

This means I have 60 watts for powering the laptop, I wasn’t using the USB-A port on the power adapter. Cables are suited for 3A/60W or 5A/100W and have a marker wich communicates with the connected devices. If the cables are rated 3A/60W, a havier power adapter alone makes no sense.

Service should be fine, I bought at a trusted reseller and already claimed warranty. I can send it in for replacement.

I just want to make shure I do everything right preventing breakdown. The manual isn’t very clear in this, and power management with laptops is known for many issiues.

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