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4 on 19-01-2020

According to the Quick Installation Guide, an “Installation CD Driver” should be included with the product. There is also no driver on the website for the CSV-1564. The product doesn’t work. I have no connection to the monitors, USB ports or charge the device. Where can I download the driver?

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3 on 20-01-2020

Hello werner71

For this dock no drivers are needed and it does not come with a CD included this might be an error on the Quick guide. 

Would you be so kind to let me know what laptop you are using. This dock only works with laptops that support Displayport Alt-mode as mentioned on the website of Club3D 


if you let me know what laptop you have i am able to find out if your device supports Displayport Alt-mode

on 22-01-2020

Thanks for the first feedback. I am working with an Acer Switch SW512-52P. So far I had the CSV-1560.

on 22-01-2020

Incidentally, the following message appears on the device:

“The last USB device connected to this computer did not work properly and is not recognized by Windows.”




on 22-01-2020

Hi Werner71 

Thank you for your response. 

Could you update the system by installing the latest windows updates?

This might resolve the problem if not please get back to me 🙂

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