CSV-1564W100 – USB And Sound problem

Updated on 05-09-2022 in Docking Station
1 on 05-09-2022

Hi all,

I just bought a CSV-1564W100 dockingstation for my laptop (HP EliteBook 855 G8).

I connected 2 screens, a card reader, speakers and a keyboard.

Both screens and the card reader work perfectly. The keyboard and speakers don’t work sadly. I tried other ports and another keyboard but still doesn’t work 🙁

Anyone know how i can fix this?


Thanks in advance!

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0 on 05-09-2022

When USBs are not connecting or are disconnecting, most of the times its from the Source/Laptop or PC USB configuration settings

I suggest to go to Device Manager and under USB – you could try disabling the USB Power Management Setting

Also I suggest to Uninstall/ or disable USB Devices that are not longer used.

Note that USB devices will always be installed when needed but they need to be manually uninstalled or disable to avoid conflicts.

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