csv-1566 iSSUES

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8 on 15-08-2022

Having two issues with a CSV-1566 docking station connected to an HP laptop. 

Issue 1:  If the laptop goes to sleep, when you wake it up, it doesn’t recognize the docking station. You have to power the docking station off and on to get the laptop to recognize it. Is this a know issue,  and is there a solution?

Issue 2: The laptop doesn’t seem to like powering on when connected to the docking station. Have tried pushing the power button multiple times, but it won’t power on. As soon as you disconnect the USB-C cable, it powers on. Is this a known issue? Is there a solution?

I have applied the latest driver that is posted on the Club 3D website.

Thanks for your help!

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6 on 16-08-2022

Are your drivers and BIOS up to date?

Please follow the below link to determine a BIOS update:



on 17-08-2022

Laptop is an HP 255 G8 Notebook. Double checked and it is at the latest BIOS level and drivers are up to date.

on 18-08-2022

What are the power settings of the USB?

Try to configure what your laptop does after going to sleep.

on 18-08-2022

Or try using Hybernate mode? Not sure if that will work but it could!

Follow below link to enable Hybernate mode:



on 28-09-2023

Did there suggestions resolved the issue?

We have multiple customers with the CSV-1566 docks having issues like this and others and are needing resolution soon.

on 28-09-2023

Other issues include, dock losing connection to monitors during Teams meetings.
3rd monitor not wanting to connect until you either unplug the power from the dock and/or sometimes the display cable whether HDMI or DP.

on 03-10-2023

Have you tried the above suggestions JJ?

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