CSV-1566 USB A to USB C adapter not working

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Hi, I have a just received a CSV-1566 USB Gen1 Type-C Triple Display docking station, which I bought because it states in the specifications that:

This Dock is perfectly suited for extending a Type-C port or USB-A port(via a Type-C to USB converter) to provide multiple audio, video, data and power ports

I have connected it to two different machines via a a couple of different USB A to USB C adapters and had no success in recognising the dock at all even as just a USB hub to pick up mouse and keyboard, 

The Hub works fine on USB C alone directly to my dell laptop, 

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0 on 25-02-2022

Did you install the drivers?

• HDMI™ 1 (DP™ Alt mode) supports max 4K/30Hz
• HDMI™ 2 (USB mode) supports max 4K/60Hz

• DP™(USB mode) support max 4K/60Hz

One HDMI requires Alt mode, which you lose when coverting C to A.

Have you installed the drivers?


Go to the bottom of the page click downloads and pick your OS.

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1 on 25-02-2022

Hi Baak,

Yes thanks I did install updated displaylink drivers from the club-3d website, as i have updated from a Kensington dock for the computers in question. I then went back and uninstalled (on the 2 computers not working with the dock) the divers and used the displaylink clean up utility, and re-installed however still no joy.

I realised that one HDMI would be lost, when using USB A, however I have no video at all, from HDMI or DP, and no recognition or pass though of USB devices like ethernet, mouse and keyboard.

Kind Regards



on 25-02-2022

Which A to C converter are you useing? As you say the dock works fine directly in USB-C.

I can only think of that converter is not giving enough bandwith, Or the USB-A on the laptop is not USB3 gen1?

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