CSV-1580 Thunderbolt 4 Portable 5-in-1 Hub: power consumption and heating

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Generally Thunderbolt 4 docks/hubs are well known to heat and to
have themselves quite an important consumption of power for/of their
own use.

What about these issues for products from Club 3D?

How much power does the CSV-1580 TB4 hub consume for its own use in idle no devices/nothing connected only connected to the host?

What is the temperature it attains this way (in idle) at/on the outer surface? Does it need a special cooling? Is there a fan inside?

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0 on 18-02-2022

All Thunderbolt 4 hubs/docks use a similar amount of power since they all use the same Goshen Ridge Thunderbolt 4 controller. I suppose a dock may use slightly more power since they have additional USB hubs and devices inside.

All Thunderbolt 4 hubs/docks do not require special cooling or fans. At least I haven’t seen any that had fans or vents for a fan. I have an HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 that has a fan but I didn’t know it had a fan until I took it apart.

The power requirements are unclear. It comes with a 100W power supply but says it can supply 60W for host and uses 85W for host and hub. So what about the remaining 15W?

The type-A port can provide up to 900mA @ 5V = 4.5 W. I guess the type-C ports can provide up to 15W. Power used by these ports beyond a certain point must reduce the power that can be provided to the host.


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1 on 11-06-2022

This hub has serious power management issues. I’m trying to have an answer from CLUB3D but nobody replies to my mail and post here in the forum. THIS HUB MAKE THE HOST VERY HOT because I’m afraid it has no power management at all and keeps charging the battery even if it is fully loaded. I made all tests with exact same setup with and without the hub. The difference in temperatures of the host is over 20°. That’s could be an issue with the item I received OR a design issue, But I can’t get any specific Info about it. That’s a shame. Amazon accepted the return for a full refund. I’ll go with a more trusted brand and a very similar price. CLUB3D should give more attention to customer care, after-sales assistance, and technical information. 

on 23-11-2022

@gimoh which other brand did you buy in the end, and would you recommend it?  Thanks

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