CSV-1580 Thunderbolt 4 Portable 5-in-1 Hub: power consumption and heating

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Generally Thunderbolt 4 docks/hubs are well known to heat and to
have themselves quite an important consumption of power for/of their
own use.

What about these issues for products from Club 3D?

How much power does the CSV-1580 TB4 hub consume for its own use in idle no devices/nothing connected only connected to the host?

What is the temperature it attains this way (in idle) at/on the outer surface? Does it need a special cooling? Is there a fan inside?

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All Thunderbolt 4 hubs/docks use a similar amount of power since they all use the same Goshen Ridge Thunderbolt 4 controller. I suppose a dock may use slightly more power since they have additional USB hubs and devices inside.

All Thunderbolt 4 hubs/docks do not require special cooling or fans. At least I haven’t seen any that had fans or vents for a fan. I have an HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 that has a fan but I didn’t know it had a fan until I took it apart.

The power requirements are unclear. It comes with a 100W power supply but says it can supply 60W for host and uses 85W for host and hub. So what about the remaining 15W?

The type-A port can provide up to 900mA @ 5V = 4.5 W. I guess the type-C ports can provide up to 15W. Power used by these ports beyond a certain point must reduce the power that can be provided to the host.


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