CSV-1592 – Connecting / Disconecting all the time

Updated on 09-04-2020 in Docking Station
1 on 08-04-2020

Connected CSV-1592 dock to Lenovo Yoga C940 (14 inch i7) Usb-c  / Thunderbolt port. 4K display connected trough HDMI on dock. Dock is connecting / disconnecting display every 5-10 seconds.. laptop display flashing to black, USB connection sound clinging..

Using fully updated Win 10 (April 2020)

Sometimes I get lucky and get picture on connected Monitor..

When first connecting .. I usually get error – DisplayPort device is not fully supported.

Sometimes it does not even charge laptop through Dock.

Please provide Firmware update or Any drivers.

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0 on 09-04-2020


Please contact Support@club-3d for possible firmware.

Can you provide a screencapture of the error you getting.

Also can you check in your device settings if there is a warning triangle indicating that there is an issue with the driver.


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