CSV-1593 And MAC problems – dark screens

Updated on 21-05-2021 in Docking Station
1 on 20-05-2021

Details: 2019 mac, big-sur 11.3.1

Hey, just bought csv-1593 and tried to connect my monitors using the hub. Seems like the pc is knowing the display, but on display there’s only dark screen.  refresh rate and resolution are in range, no errors in pc. 

Any ideas what can cause the problem? Maybe drivers? 


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  • elmwoodie
0 on 21-05-2021

Hi Maayan,

Could you please rephrase your question? What monitors are you trying to connect? Which Mac 2019?

“Dark screen” reads as if you do get a picture on it but it is really dark. Or is it simply not  showing any picture?

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