CSV-1593 on USB-A. Is it possible?

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2 on 17-11-2022

Recently I’ve got a CSV-1593 docking station for my laptop. I got no picture via HDMI, everything else (LAN, USB etc.) worked. I figured out the laptop (Dell Inspiron 5593) has no DP Alt mode on USB-C. I also tried a Dell docking station connected to USB-A, it worked as intended, I saw the extended dektop on both displays.

My question is: is there a possible workaround, like using a USB-A to USB-C adapter, for example the CAC-1525 between the laptop and the CSV-1593? Or is it impossible to get the HDMI ports working this way?

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1 on 17-11-2022

De CSV-1593 will only support display over USB-C DP Alt mode. The Dell docking stations works because it will have a DisplayLink chipset in it, sort of an external GPU.

So you need a DisplayLink dockingstation to get more displays out of your Dell Inspiron.



on 18-11-2022

Thank you for the quick help!

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