CSV-2000D – SenseVision USB Graphics – USB2.0 to DVI-I problems on MacBook Pro

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4 on 05-03-2015

We have a Macbook pro running OS X 10.10.2, and a CSV-2000D – SenseVision USB Graphics – USB2.0 to DVI-I, we are trying to connect an old Apple alu Cinema display , we have downloaded the

DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Mac OS X V2.3 but it doesn’t seam to work

could you please help.
Many thanks

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3 on 05-03-2015

Please remove the USB Graphics adapter.
1. Go to your applications folder and click displaylink folder, use the displaylink software uninstaller
2. Proceed to remove the drivers
3. Please re install the drivers version 2.3
4. Plug in the USB Graphics and connect the display
If you keep having issues choose a different USB port.

on 06-03-2015

I managed to make it work,but believe me it was by accident..it works but only on mirror display mode…any suggestions?

on 07-03-2015

Please go to settings, display and arrangement. You should have a mirror option below, check if that is marked. If yes uncheck that and you should be good

on 24-08-2022

This link is broken.

can you send me the new link ?


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