CSV-2303H USB 3.0 to HDMI 4K UHD Graphics Adapter (PROBLEMS)

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I got my new adapter last friday. From the beginning it was impossible to get the function with 3 displays. After support from Club3d everything worked very well. They did send me new drivers, different from the ones on their web. Today when I tried to start it up was it impossible to get the 3:d display to work. I reinstalld the drivers, updated the Mac Os High Sierra and installed the drivers again and it still don’t work. The supprt from Club 3d helped me in the beginning but since lunch they don’t answer my messages. i can see that they have read them. I have asked them if there is any new drivers but no answer. I’m in hugh problems because of this. Does anyone know what I should do? Everything worked on friday and on monday nothing works….

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Hello Mathias,

Very sorry for the inconvenience.
If everything worked last friday and not today, something must have changed i would think. Sometimes auto-updates can cause issues … I normally would adivse first to go back to a system restore point form before the problem started if that is available, but if you already re-installed everything again … this i probable not the case.
If something sometimes works and sometimes not it can also be a bad contact. Bad contact in the HDMI Cable (or connector) or in the CSV-2303H itself.
Did you try using another HDMI Cable to connect to the screen from the CSV-2303H ?

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