CSV-3103D has a problem with HDMI connection, why?

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1 on 16-03-2018

I bought a docking station CSV-3103D but it seems that the HDMI connection is not good; I have a new laptop, and I need to use two monitors, when I connected the first monitor with DVI, the image appeared correctly; but I connected the other monitor via HDMI, in the resolution configuration this new connection appeared, but the image did not appear, the monitor has no signal; I installed all the drivers from the CD, the HDMI cable and the monitor are fine because I tried their on another computer, what’s the problem?

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Good day ainf,

Sorry ot hear this.
The CSV-3103D should indeed support 2 screens at 1920×1080 60Hz.

What Notebook do you have (brand, type, OS)?
What screens are you using (brand, type)?

What generally speaking works well is this…

Disconnect docking
Uninstall all Displaylink software from the system.
Download and install latest driver software;
for WIN10 you can find it here:
When done, please reboot again.
Now connect docking and it should work in proper manner.

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