CSV-3242HD on macOS – display problems

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13 on 20-04-2017

any hints or tips, how to fix the display problems on macOS 10.12.4?
I have a CSV-3242HD connected via USB 3 Adapter to a MacBook Pro 2016.
One display is connected via HDMI the other one is connected via DVI. Both show the same the same issue.
I use the latest driver available.

Every time typing or moving the mouse, the window decorations are redrawn with mistakes. Tabs change colour to inversion, text blur and other issues which make window handling uncomfortable. These problems are not application specific (Safari, Atom, iTunes, Word, Excel, …). It is obviously a problem with the rendering of the window decorators.

Any hint or an updated driver appreciated.


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0 on 20-04-2017

Good day Viegelinsch,

What Keyboard / Mouse are you using, and are they wireless ?

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3 on 21-04-2017

I’m using the build in keyboard, mostly the build-in touchpad and sometimes an Apple Magic Mouse connect via Bluetooth. The error appears independent from using the Mouse or not.

on 21-04-2017

OK, please do this.
Disconenct the Docking Station, and uninstall all DisplayLink software form the system.
Download and install latest DisplayLink Driver for mac, you can find that here:

After installation, reboot again. Connect the Docking Station and it should work well.

on 25-04-2017

Did it twice but problem persists.

on 25-04-2017

Ok that is new to me !?
Well acutally not ok at all 🙁

I will forward the issue to our R&D at factory, can you let me know what USB Type C to USB 3.0 adapter you are using ?


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5 on 28-04-2017

Currently I use “Delock Adapter SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 2) USB Type-C™ male > USB Type-A female 10 cm coaxial black Premium”.
I will buy the Apple Adapter on the weekend to see if that works better.

on 01-05-2017

ok keep me posted please

on 16-05-2017

Now after one week with Apple adapter. Betterment for all windows except of Safari. There less flickering and shadow changes but still annoying.

on 17-05-2017

which apple adapter is that ?

on 18-05-2017

It the “MJ1M2ZM” USB-C on USB 3.0 Adapter – Original by Apple.

on 23-05-2017

Hi Vliegelinsch,
I have been reprimanded by R&D 🙁
CSV-3242HD will not work on MacbookPro 2016 because the Chip Inside has no support for USB Type C / Thunderbolt 3.
Docking Products that do have such support and will work on your MacBook Pro 2016 are:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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1 on 03-04-2018

Until the latest update on macOS 10.13.4 the driver was working perfectly.
Now it is broken again.
When is a new release of the macOS driver planned?

on 04-04-2018

I saw Displaylink posted some items on this as well …



Indeed it seems that Apple did it again :-S
I would advise you to roll back to 10.13.3.

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