CSV-3242HDA Not working, but works.

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Hi, I have a CSV-3242HDA  Docking station. I was using it everyday up until last week, all of a sudden , nothing works, it does not even beep when it is plugged in to USB port. I took it to my service depot, still under their extended warranty, and they have confirmed that it works fine. and that I needed to uninstall drivers and reinstall to get it to work. But to no avail. I have uninstalled severl times and have downloaded the latest drivers but nothing. Any Ideas?  Thanks

I am Running an Asus Laptop S56C with Windows 10 Home 1803

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Good day mvlabrie,

Sorry to hear this.
Have you been able to check if the USB 3.0 port (of which your Notebook has 1), is still working ok? On the USB 2.0 port the Docking will not have full functionality …
Please make sure ot have the Power Adapter of both the Notebook and the Docking Station connected.

When installing new driver, please do this.
Disconnect Docking.
Uninstall all Displaylink realted software from your system. Best way to do that is in WIN Safe mode so the registry can also be cleaned. You can also use a Programm like DisplayDriverUninstaller (DDU) for this. You can find that here: 

When done, reboot.
Download and install latest driver, you can find that here:
When doen reboot.
Now connect the Docking Station again and it should work in proper manner.

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