CSV-5300A Flickering

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I have an Nvidia GTX970 graphics card with one DP output and I’m driving three AOC G2460PG monitors with a new CSV-5300A hub but all three screens flicker. Screen one receives a signal, then screen two, then screen three, each for approx. 1/3 sec. The signal is correct (using extended desktop or duplicated desktop) and I can see them using Windows 10 display settings or Nvidia display settings.
I’ve tried unplugging each of the screens and connecting them individually through the hub but the result doesn’t change. I’ve also tried the reset button on the hub.
I’ve tried each of the monitors directly to the graphics card and they work fine.
Should I return the hub as defective?


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0 on 08-03-2016

Due to the lack of response from the manufacturer I am returning the item for a refund. So much for customer relations!

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2 on 10-03-2016

Hi IainB,

Sorry for the late reaction, we very recently migrated our website and Forum and we still need to do some serious fine tuning … working on that.
I do not think the HUB was defective, i am quite sure you had a Bandwidth issue.
A displayport 1.2 output has 21.7Gbps of bandwidth. When running 1 screen in 1920x1080p in 144Hz in 8Bpp the signal is 8.96Gbps big. Using 2 you got o 17.92, needless to say that a third will need more Bandwidth that you have available …

on 11-03-2016

Thanks for coming back. I guessed the hub was unlikely to be defective but I still need assistance. Please can you advise how I can resolve the issue? I’m sure you would not design a 1:3 DP hub that cannot be used as intended.

on 16-03-2016

Hi Ian,

Not a problem i can fix for you i am afraid, it is not like i can increase that DP1.2 bandwidth for you  🙁
However if you run the screens in 60 Hz, you should be able to use 3 without problems.
Or if you prefer to run them at 144Hz you should be able to run 2 wihtout any issue.
The only way to run 3 screens in 1080p 144Hz is to make use  of a second DP1.2 output.

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0 on 16-03-2016

The monitors were already running on 60Hz and there’s no option to go any slower. I have the same flicker running one monitor though the hub, which I don’t experience when the same monitor is connected without the hub.
Thanks for your help though I don’t think we’ll be able to resolve this: the gremlin has won!

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