CSV 5300A, getting two external touchscreens working with Surface Pro 3

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ISSUE: Can only get the touchscreen capability of one of two external monitors working when using your MST Hub! (display to both works).

I have 2 Planar CT2785 touchscreen monitors connecting to your CSV5300A MST that is then connecting to my top-of-the-line Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

The cabling is all Displayport 1.2.

Each of the two monitors has two connections: one displayport to your hub, the other USB to the Surface Pro 3 for the touchscreen capability.

All three monitors (including the Surface Pro 3 screen) are displaying properly but the touchscreen capability is only available on the Surface Pro 3 and on one of the two external Planar monitors (whichever one of the external monitors that I specify on the computer as the Main Display).

How can I activate the touchscreen capability to work on both of the external monitors at the same time?

Is this an issue with your MST Hub? Can you pls help me resolve it. Otherwise, I cannot make use of the touchscreen capability of the other screen!

Thank you in advance for your prompt assistance with this matter. Hope you can help me resolve it.

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2 on 19-05-2015

Hi Dunn,
Thank you for contacting us.
I am afraid that we do not have experience with external touchscreens but I am sure that your display is connected to the USB port of the Surface, is it connected with a USB Hub, is this hub with a external power source?
Check with Planar what are the USB power requirements so you can have both screens running simultaneously powered by the USB ports.

on 19-05-2015

I am using the Surface Pro 3 docking station with the USB of each screen connected into USB ports on the docking station, and the MST plugged into the minidisplayport (with an adaptor) of the docking station as well. The docking station has its own power supply. Both external screens display. And each of the displays does do touch. But not at the same time. Only the one I designate as the main screen retains the touch capability. At the same time, the Surface screen both displays and has touch capability.
Is the CLUB MST capable of multiple external touchscreen or display only?
Would be great to get the second one working….would then even be inspired to get a third touchscreen monitor too to use the MST Hub to the max.
Unfortunately, without a solve, even the second touchscreen will have proven to be a waste of money relative to non-touch.

on 19-05-2015

The MST Hub routes video streams independently to provide multiple display support. For the touchscreen I believe it has a USB interface, therefore I cannot relate this to the MST Hub.
I saw this text from a DELL service center, maybe it can help you

Issue: A customer connects a second Touch Display to a Touch based Laptop OR a Desktop already with a Touch Display.

Symptom: Touch Displays are shipped with USB Cables. When both USB cables are connected to the computer, the operating system sees two displays and two touch panels. But, not necessarily associated with the displays that they are integrated on. Hence the touch functionality may not work as designed.

* Ensure that the Secondary Display is in Extended Mode
* To select Extended Mode, press the Windows Key + P 
* In Desktop Mode, select Charms (Windows + C), choose Settings and then Control Panel 
* Select View by Large Icons, choose Tablet PC Settings and select Setup
* Both screens will be a white background and the Primary Display will show the text:
“Touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen”
“If this is not the Tablet PC screen, press Enter to move to the next screen.”
To close the tool, press Esc
* Touch the Primary Display once
* You will see a white screen with the following instruction:
“Press Enter to proceed to the next step to complete your configuration”
* Press Enter to synchronize touch with the Primary Display
* Touch the Secondary Display once
* You will see a white screen with the following instruction:
“Press Enter to proceed to the next step to complete your configuration”
* Press Enter to synchronize touch with the Secondary Display

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