CSV-5300A not detecting second monitor.

Updated on 04-03-2016 in MST Hub
5 on 10-02-2016

Club3D Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hub (CSV-5300A)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2 Gen).  Windows 8.1
Dell 30 monitor
BenQ 32 monitor

Only one monitor is detected.

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1 on 15-02-2016

Hi Denovo,

WHich Screens do you have (type nrs.) and how are those connected (DVI/HDMI/VGA?)

on 15-02-2016

Dell U3011 (IPS) and BenQ BL3200PT (WQHD) both are connected using separate Display Ports.

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2 on 15-02-2016

i can think of 2 things that can cause an issue.
1 = Bandwidth, a DP1.2 output has 21.6Gbps of bandwidth.
A screen at 2560×1600 60Hz in 16Bits color takes 13.27Gbps
A screen at 2560×1440 60Hz in 16Bits color takes already 11.94Gbps
OTgether that will be more thatn you have bandwidth available. My advise would be to lower the color depth to 12Bit than it should fit (19.61 Gbps in total).

2 Sometimes you need to activate DP1.2 in Dell Screens …

By default the Dell monitors are not enabled with this feature.

  1. In the monitor’s on screen menu (OSD), navigate to “Other Settings”
  2. Change the setting for “DisplayPort 1.2” to Enable
  3. Confirm the selection

You may need to reconnect the DisplayPort cable after making this change.

Hope it helps …

on 03-03-2016

Both monitors are 10Bit color so bandwidth should not be an issue.  Both monitors have their DP activated.  Separately, they work but the moment you plug the second monitor nothing happens and only the first monitor works.  Not sure if I got a defective product or what? 

Club3D claims that this MST supports:

“Supported output resolution: up to 2560X1600@60Hz each monitor in DP1.2 MST and up to FHD/1080p in DP1.1 or DP 1.2 SST.  Input pixel data depth 6/8/10/12 bits and supports output pixel format RGB444”

on 04-03-2016

Hi Denovo,
Yes the specs on the website for the MST Hubs are correct.
Hub seems operational, screens are working, cables are good …
Does the laptop (or windows) see the second monitor at all ?
I posted a question on Lenovo website to check if the Laptop support MST and if the GPU can actually drive   2 x 1600P external screens (i saw it has HD4400 “only” so i thought it would be worth to check that)

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