CSV-5300H not driving mini hdmi monitors

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5 on 13-01-2018

I’ve been using a couple of (hdmi)monitors with the MST-Hub CSV-5300H.
The hub works fine with larger monitors e.g. connecting three 21-inch full hd ones.

7 inch HDMI monitors however show a blurry display with a pink line (couple pixels) along the left side, similar to the post at:
Connecting them straight to a DVI or HDMI port works fine.

The EDID received from these monitors also indicates that Windows 10 detects them properly:

  • Pixel clock: 32.00
  • Interlaced: no
  • Active pixels (H x V): 1024 x 600
  • Blanking (H x V): 128 x 45
  • Front porch (H x V): 40 x 13
  • Sync width (H x V): 48 x 3
  • Sync signal: digital separate
  • Polarity: no

Changing the hdmi_drive from hdmi to DVI works for Linux/Raspberry people. (I am using Windows)

Am I right in thinking that the hub forces some HDMI mode whereas these monitors prefer a DVI signal?
Perhaps the timing settings above are not supported via the hub?
Could a firmware (up- or downgrade) potentially fix this issue?

Current hardware (according to label):
Rev.A2-00 FW:0.60.1

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4 on 16-01-2018

Good day Webia,

The firmware loaded on the MST Hub is the most recent one available, so that is good.
Pelase make sure to use Passive Cable / Adapters to connect the screens to the MST Hub.

I will double chekc if the MST Hub supports 1024 x 600 resolution and or the settigns as listed above, and get back to you.

on 19-01-2018

Hello MST1407,

Thank you for confirming that the MST Hub is using the latest firmware.

All cables used are passive, so it might be that the hub is not supporting the 1024×600 resolution?

on 22-01-2018

Good day Webia,

The MST Hubs should not have any such limitation other then max bandwidth.
Since nor the Horizontal, nor the vertical max would be reached with 3 x 1024×600, you should be able to send this thru the MST HUb wihtout issue.
Which Graphics Card is inside the system you use ?

on 30-01-2018

Hello MST1407,

I’ve had some time to test a couple of options.

Both AMD and Nvidia cards I’ve used in combination with the MST hub show the  above mentioned problem with the screens. 

A single screen connected to any of the hdmi-ports on the hub shows the same problem.
As mentioned before, connecting it straight (without the hub) to a screen works fine.

Cards used: AMD Radeon HD7470, Nvidia Geforce GT1030.

There is no bandwith problem (since there is output on all three devices). 
The way that Windows detects the screens with the hub is somehow different than without, which leads me to believe that the hub is enforcing some kind of hdmi mode.

on 31-01-2018

Hi Webia,

The MST Hub receives a DP signal and converts that into HDMI, these signals are not the same (like DVI and HDMI are basically the same). 
It could indeed be that becuase of the MST Hub in between the EDID info of the screens does not reach the system in a proper manner.
This can normally be solved by creating a Custom Resolution for the screen(s), kind of overewriting what the system things would be good to do …

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