CSV-5300H with HDMI Source

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I have acquired a CSV-5300H from Amazon. I have a Windows 10 notebook with HDMI output (no DP output). Is it possible to use an HDMI-to-DisplayPort Adapter between the notebook and this Hub?

Also, the hub works with my Macbook Air, but It cant detect a second, different resolution monitor. It ends up mIrroring the largest monitor connected to the smallest one…

Any Thougths?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Dexter,

A CSV-5300H allows you to connect 3 screens to a sngel DP1.2 ouput and send individual video signals to those screens. It doe snto increase the bandwidth of the output of the source system. 
MST Feature is a Displayport embedded technology and is not supported by HDMI Outputs. So no you cannot use an MST hub on an HDMI output source.

Is your Macbook Air capable of doing that, connecting 2 external Screens in different resolutions ?

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