CSV-6400 always needs several plugs/unplugs to work

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5 on 10-03-2021

Hello everyone,

right now I am using a CSV-6400 with 3 screens.
In the future there might be a chance, that I’ll upgrade to a 4-screen-setup, but for now it will be a 3-screen-one.

When I start my computer, all screens stay black. The main screen is flickering on and off.
I do have to unplug the MST-hub several times but I didn’t figure out a routine.
Sometimes just the power supply, sometimes just the DP-connection, sometimes both of it.

It does actually work, but just after I unplugged it everytime.

Is it broken?

For your information:
I am on a GTX780, all screens are connected via DP-cables. No adapters are used. Power supply comes from micro USB power supply – no adapter as well.

Thanks for your help, and a quick response is appreciated because then I could simply send it back to the vendor.

Kind regards

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3 on 11-03-2021

Hi Muezli,

At what resolution you have a the 3 screen setup? Remember that the max is 1080P60Hz is max on that setup.

Have you tried plugging in the power straight into the PC instead of a Power supply?


on 11-03-2021

Hello Baak,

thanks for your response.

In fact I am using 2xUHD and 1xFHD.

I will try to switch to 3x FHD and post my results.

I don‘t get it why it doesn‘t work at startup but after replugging.
I would get it, if it just works bad. But it does not work at all until I replug it several times.

Btw, I had a look at the little guide which was with the hub. It tells that you can use 2xWQHD and 1x FHD.

on 11-03-2021

So I tried it with 3xFHD and plugging the power into the computer.
Unfortunately it is the same result.

Even has it worked and I just restarted the computer, it didn’t work until I replugged the power.

I guess it doesn’t work properly and I have to send it back to the vendor. :/

on 12-03-2021

I doubt it is a faulty unit. Could be, but I doubt it :).

Just checking, you don’t have any other display connected to your GFX right? Like a fourth?

Have you tried a full clean drivers install of the GFX? Using DDU to unistall all drivers is what I advice. And look for the best possible drivers to use with the GTX780. I don’t think the most recent are very good for this card. But I don’t know for sure.

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0 on 13-03-2021

Well, I surrendered on this one and bought a StarTech-device. 
..and what shall I tell you – it works just perfectly without any hickups.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your efforts!

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