Csv-6400 on Intel hd 530 only see 2 monitors

Updated on 06-03-2019 in MST Hub
1 on 02-03-2019

Im trying to connect 3 monitors using MST hub but it will only see 2, I have them connected with display port to hdmi adapters . Any configuration of the 3 monitors work except any 3 together , only 2 at one time works. Any ideas?

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0 on 06-03-2019

Hello Bisketti,

What connections do you have on your monitors or even better could you share with monitors you have brand and number would help alot. Also if you connect multiple monitors especialy 3 monitors the resolution often has to be lowered so all monitors can recieve a signal. what is your current resolution?

are you using the latest drivers for your onboard videocard?

kind regards

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