CSV-7300 – How do you mirror it?

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I need a device that can mirror a 4K60 signal and this sounded promising. But because it’s an MST hub Windows shows two displays. I can mirror them in Windows, but then I’ll just be sending two identical signals instead of one that is duplicated within the device.

Do I need to do something to turn off MST support in Windows or is there a trick to doing it on the device itself?

Thank you.

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Hi Wolfenhex,

I’m trying to puzzle what you are trying to ask. But I can’t figure it out.

Mirroring, Identical signals and Duplicated are all the same thing to me, but I still don;t understand what you are trying to ask. Can you try and rephrase your question?

Also mention the hardware you are using.


16 hours ago

I’m asking about the “Mirror Desktop Mode” listed as a feature for the product I mentioned:




The 6th image has an example of it.


This product is listed on your web site as a video splitter and that’s exactly what I need. Something that takes a DisplayPort signal and sends it to multiple displays.


As far as I can tell though, this product is not a video splitter and does not mirror at all. Instead it relies on Windows to clone a desktop which is completely different.


So I’m asking if I’m overlooking something to enable the mirror setting that is mentioned.

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