Difference between csv-5200 and csv-6200 + adaptive sync support

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10 on 03-04-2018

Hi there,

I’m comparing the csv-5200 and csv-6200 and trying to work out the differences between the two products.
The only possible difference I can see is the power source?   Is there anything else I’m missing?

I’m also looking for a 2-port hub that support adaptive sync.  I can see that csv-5300A supports adaptive sync, but do either the csv-5200 or csv-6200 support this?

I’m hoping that I can enable freesync on both monitors that I’ll be connecting the Mst Hub.


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7 on 04-04-2018

Good day FunkyMst,

CSV-5200 and CSV-6200 have the same chip inside so are very similar.
The build is a bit different though,
CSV-5200 the USB cable for power integrated (cannot be disconneted) where hte CSV-6200 has a separate USB Cable.
CSV-5200 has a reaset button on the back which will cause the video signal to be build up form scratch again, CSV-6200 does not have this.
Thats it.
Let me dubble check that Adaptive Sync Support, because I kind of doubt that. I mean these MST HUbs were already here before adaptive sync was …
Will let you know shortly. 

on 06-04-2018

Thanks.  I went ahead and bought the csv-5200, appears that it doesn’t support adaptive sync from what I can see.

I’m also experiencing a strange issue with my monitors not going into sleep correctly.  Rather than go into standby, the monitor screen goes black, but the backlight stays on.

If I connect the monitor directly to gfx card, it will sleep as expected, but when connected via the hub it does not.  

Is this a known issue and it there a fix?

on 09-04-2018

Hi FunkyMst,
I will aks for that to be tested too
Will get back to you soon.

on 25-04-2018

Any updates regarding monitor backlights staying on when sleeping?

It may not be of any use (as it might be monitor specific) but the OSD is also unresponsive.  Monitors in question are Samsung CFG70 and CFG73.

on 02-05-2018

Good day FunkyMst,
Very sorry for the delay.
We tested CSV-5200 and CSV-6200 and thy do not work with Free-Sync Feature, so that feature is definitely not supported. In fact i seriously doubt that CSV-5300A will support Free-Sync, so we will check that as well and adjust if needed.
I will ask [email protected] to send you the latest firmware for teh CSV-5200 in case this is not already loaded on the Hub. Perhaps that helps.
Please aslo check for latest software/firmware for the screens.

on 07-05-2018

Have updated the hub firmware and it hasn’t resolved the problem.  Hub was already v0.60.0 before updating the firmware.

on 08-05-2018

Good day FunkyMst,
Please provide system specs of the source system the MST Hub is connected to so we can try to search more specific …
Did you check already software update for the screens ?

on 08-05-2018

Just got confirmation on CSV-5300A, it does not support freesync

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1 on 20-05-2018

Sorry for the delay.  The monitors must be updated by manufacturer, but I can confirm at least 1 of the pair is running the latest firmware.

Hardware: i5 3570k, asrock extreme4 z77, (4x)4GB ddr3, (Evga SC acx 2) gtx 970.

OS: Win10 pro (version:1803 build:17134.48)

Is there anything else specifically you’d like to know?

on 24-05-2018

If you could pleae send DX Diag info to [email protected]

You can just type “DXDIAG” in the search function of windows and the Direct X Diagnostics will open and run, please safe the info and send it over.

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