Difference between the CAC-2504 and CSV-1592 HDMI

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I have a laptop with Thunderbolt4 / USB-c ports. Can someone tell me the difference between the CAC-2504 adapter and the hdmi part of the CSV-1592 hub? Which is better for hdmi apart from the extra ports on the CSV-1592? Do they differ in power consumption or heat production? If the CAC-2504 is better, I can always buy the CSV-1430 for USB A ports and ethernet.

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Hi Marco1312,

Comparing the CAC-2504 and CSV-1592 with only the HDMI, there is no better, they both do the same on the HDMI field 4K60Hz.

The CAC-2504 has 1 function, the CSV-1592 has 7 functions.

CSV-1592 uses 8watts but passes 92 watts trough. Assuming the CAC-2504 uses less, I don’t know.

It’s not a question which is better, I think it’s a personal preference here. Do you want 1 hub with all the functionalities or have an adapter and a hub connected to your device.

on 17-06-2021

Thanks for your quick answer. I see the CSV-1430 has ‘green’ ethernet, I wonder if that’s also the case for CSV-1592 ethernet part.

I just hope to find out the power consumption of the CAC-2504. I don’t need the ethernet/USB heb all the time. So if CAC-2504 used less power than CSV-1592, I can just plug in the CSV-1430.

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