Display and Power Problems – Club 3D type c 3.2

Updated on 16-06-2020 in Docking Station
1 on 11-06-2020

Hi guys,

I’ve recently bought the club 3d type c 3.2 to use with my Lenovo ThinkBook 15 i5

I am having two issues with the docking station,

Firstly the Power supply from the Docking Station says that is it not AC adaptoer that is recommended for this system and will not boot up until I unplug it.

Secondly I cannot get 3 screens to work.

I have a VGA, Display Port and HDMI all plugged in,

They all show up in windows display, but one is disabled. It just defaults back to disabled every time I try enable it, unless I unplug one of the other screens. Which then when plugged back in gives me the same issue.

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0 on 16-06-2020

Hi Ross, you should send a mail to [email protected] – specify the model of the Docking station you are talking about – i think thats the CSV-1564 


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