Display port to HDMI adapter for Freesync monitor and Nvidia GPU

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Hi there, I have a LG 29UM58 2560×1080 75Hz ultrawide screen that only has two HDMI ports (NO DP port) and I have also ordered a new Nvidia RTX 2060 gpu. Recently Nvidia announced support for Freesync but ONLY through DisplayPort.
Do you know if I it is possible to use any of your adapters (passive or active) to take advance of full 75Hz capability of my monitor and the freesync feature? If yes could you please suggest me whick adapter to buy?

Thank’s in advance

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Dear nsak,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Freesync is not an option on your monitor since it is not supported. LG would specifically mention it if it would be the case.

you are able to utilize the 75HZ on your monitor if you lower your screen-output to 1280×1024. no adapter needed for this output, neither would an adaptor change this the limitation is with the display.

on the website of LG you are able to download the manual of your screen on page 29 you can find the resolutions possible with the HZ output. see link.



However if you would like to connect another screen for individual output, then DisplayPort is able to support this feature, the technology used  is called Multi Stream Transport. In that case you could use our CSV-6200H this is our Displayport to HDMI videosplitter

Kind regards

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International link to the manual of the LG 29UM58 🙂


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