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Updated on 07-11-2016 in R9 390 Series
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I have a Samsung ju6400 and an AMD R9 390. The adapter was working fine and I could do 4k at 60hz. All of a sudden this past week, it can only do 4k at 30hz. The option is completely gone now on the TV. I have all the correct settings that were working previously but this past week I have not gotten 60hz at all when I change it on the display properties. I rolled back to a previous driver as well on the AMD card but that was not the issue. I ended up buying a 2nd cable adapter, but its the same issue with the new one I bought. I have done the whole PC mode and Game mode on the TV settings, and it still does not show 60hz is available. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi Soulgank,
What driver version you have running now ?

I know that most setups with TV work best when making a custom resolution for 3840×2160 at 60Hz with Timing Standard set to CVT-Reduced Blanking.
With all AMD Drivers after 16.8.3 this will be a problem because i think AMD just took that option out for all drivers after that !?!?

I case you are running a newer driver thatn 16.8.3, please ininstall that end instead use 16.8.3, you can find that here:

From 16.9.1 onwards AMD made many chages for RX400 series but very liitle to none for previous generations GPU’s so even with that “older” driver you are not missing much …


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