DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual Link Active Adapter Cable 270MHz – Does it provide FHD/144Hz?

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I would like to know if this adapter: http://www.club-3d.com/index.php/products/reader.en/product/displayport-to-active-dvi-dual-link-cable.html  provides 144Hz on FHD resolution or should i buy 330Mhz version.

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1 on 19-06-2017

Hi cedr1k,

Yes you will need to get the 330Mhz version (CAC-1051), because it suppports higher specs and because the 270mhz version (CAC-1050) is no longer offered by us.
Officially the 1600p at 144Hz is not supported byt he specs but i know from feedback from end-users that it does work. You will need a good quality DVI Cable of course …

on 06-09-2019

Hi Cedr1k,

do you know if it is possible to update the Firmware of this Adapter ?I mean  Club 3D Displayport to active DVI Dual-link 330MHZ- Stereo 3D Gaming

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