DisplayPort to HDMI 4k@60Hz Dead

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Bought this product from Amazon less than a year ago.

I run a hackintosh (Sierra) and dual boot with Windows 10.

I have a Samsung 4k TV.

It all worked fine until I discovered (neither OS sleeps ever) I would turn off the TV and when I came back at night it was a blue screen and the only fix was either reboot or disconnect / reconnect the adapter from the videocard (using a 1080ti right now, previously 4 or 5 months ago a 970GTX).

Then on Windows it started exhibiting a similar behaviour, but instead of a blue screen I would get a flickering screen every once in a while (like flicker, then ok for 2 minutes, then flicker again).

I also have a second monitor plugged directly to the videocard (a Dell 144hz).

So… is this like a known condition or the adapter just gave up, is there anything at all I can try? (Guess not).

Figured I would post here because I felt tempted to buy another one but what’s the point if it will die in less than a year again probably? And the adapter is not precisely cheap.


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Good day  ,

Sorry to hear this.
When using setup with multiple screens, please set the screen connected via the adapter as secondary.
Flickering picture is no good, please try making a clean driver installation to make sure that is not the cause.

The CAC-1070 is produced according to the highest porduction quality standards and is most certainly not supposed to quit after 1 year.
If this does not help and the adapter is really defective, we need to claim warranty for it, so it can be swopped for a new one.
For privacy, if needed you can send an email to [email protected] letting us know where you bought the product, where you are from etc. and we can figure out the best way for you to handle this.

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