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I bought this cable “Club3D CAC-1073 DisplayPort 1.2 Cable to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter, White 3M/9.84’”

And i hace a problem, i have been using it in my computer with a Philips 4k tv and everything was ok. 4k at 60hz was enabled. Now i’m trying to use the same computer and the sam cable with a lg 4k tv and a samsung 4k tv and it doesnt display any signal. Do you know anything about this “problem”?

I’ve been reading about a new firmware, how can i get it? And would this solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Good day Leatamola,

In general …

–          Setup

Setups with TV’s normally work best by making a custom resolution, in this case for: 3840*2160 at 60 Hz with Timing Standard set to CVT-RB (Reduced Blanking).

(For setups with Monitors Timing Standard can remain on “auto”.)

On most TV’s you will need to do some settings like “Enhanced Mode”/ “PC-Mode” and/or “UHD Color” for the HDMI 2.0 port in use. 

Please make sure the HDMI port of the Screen/TV supports 4K 60 Hz, often not all HDMI inputs support that.

I will have [email protected] send you an email with the latest firmware in case you do not have that already loaded, however i doubt that the problem is realted to frimware of the adapter cable.

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