Docked Monitors not detected in Nvidia Control Pannel

Updated on 07-12-2016 in Docking Station
1 on 06-12-2016

Good Day,

I am having issues with detecting my two docked monitors in my Nvidia control panel. I am trying to use a Club 3D USB to connect two monitors via USB 3.0 to my laptop then use a third monitors connected directly through HDMI to my laptop. The goal is to be able to extent my displays to support 5,760 x 1,080 resolution.

Any ideas if this is possible? Or where I have gone wrong?

Current graphics card is a GTX 1060 (Should be able to support all three while gaming)

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0 on 07-12-2016

Hi Mudson,

You want to make a single large surface or in other words spread the picture over 3 monitors ?

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