Docking Station CSV-1564 with USB Type C to USB Type A

Updated on 09-02-2022 in Docking Station
2 on 03-02-2022

I want to use the Docking Station CSV-1564 with my Desktop PC via USB C to USB A cable. I purchased 2 different high quality USB C to USB A cables (supporting USB3.2) one 2m the next one 1.5m, but none is working. The PC doesn’t has USB type C and if he would have, 27 cm cable would be too short anyway. With my laptop via USB C to USB C  the CSV-1564 is working OK.

Does the CSV-1564 supports USB type C to USB A connection in general? 

If Yes, can you please recommend a cable with a length of at least 1.5 meter?

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1 on 07-02-2022

CSV-1564 does not support display over USB-A Converters. This is because USB-A does not have USB Alt mode. Your laptop does have USB-C Alt mode, that is why it does work.

Is has nothing to do with the cable :).


on 09-02-2022

Thanks for explanation!



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