documentation for CAC-1007 cascade limitations

Updated on 19-10-2021 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 19-10-2021

The website mentions that up to 3 of them can cascade to increase cable distance, but that it reduces capability (resolution/refresh?)  I have in mind to use them for 1080p60 SDR but don’t see any distance listed.

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0 on 19-10-2021

The repeater can do HBR3 link rate (8.1 Gbps per lane)

1080p only requires RBR link rate (1.62 Gbps per lane).

It is extremely unlikely that the capability would be reduced by that amount. It would be nice if they specified what the reduction is between repeaters. I would guess something like zero to three percent, unless something weird happens and the link rate is reduced from HBR3 to HBR2 (33% reduction) or more.

Distance depends on the cables you use. The following says 10m max in-between repeaters.

So that would mean 40m total for cascade of 3? }–|–|–|–{


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