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im using a soundcard, i think it is the Theatron DD, very old. Its definitely using the CMI8768+ COntroller by C-Media. So maybe its not exactly the Theatron, but instead the smaller version, you guys will hopefully know what i am talking about.

Anyway, i needed to reinstall my OS and cannot find any suitable driver for this old thing. There is only the offical driver for the controller by C-Media. But it doesnt provide the GUI from 3D which allows me to activate the SPDIF-Out. I dont remember quit good, but this option was something like: Dolby-Loop… or something. Maybe there is even an other way to activate this, but at this moment the SPDIF is dark, normaly there should be this red light comming out.



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0 on 10-02-2021

Would suggest just buying a cheap (~40$ in regards to U.S. currency) Asus Xonar DG PCI (or the PCI-Express version if you have an available x1 slot). It has an SPDIF-out port and an official Windows 10 driver.

I tried the whole Dolby Digital Live encoding thing with my old Sony DAV-S300 and a creative X-Fi Titanium sound card. Wasn’t worth the CPU usage and issues trying to get it to work with applications.

I bought a 250$ HDMI input/output Home-theater-in-a-box from LG to use with my graphics cards and have upgraded upon that with HDMI that ever since. It’s time to let SPDIF die, there is nothing HDMI or Displayport can’t do that SPDIF can.

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