Dual link DVI

Updated on 10-02-2017 in USB Graphics
4 on 06-02-2017

I’m looking for an adaptor with the following specs:
– Input USB or HDMI
– Output DVI-D or DVI-I
– Output MUST be of the dual-link type. (that’s different from 2 connectors)
– Output resolution 1920×1080 but I prefer 1920×1200
– Audio not needed.

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1 on 07-02-2017

Forgot to add and extremely important: Output MUST be 60Hz

on 08-02-2017

Hi Blitter,

Why do you want a Dual Link DVI output ?
I mean with Single Link DVI you can also do 1920×1080 at 60Hz.
You can do that with CAC-HMD>DFD

You can of course also use a CSV-2300D or CSV-2604 like you already suggested,
but that will cost more …

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1 on 08-02-2017

My monitor only supports dual-link 🙂

on 10-02-2017

That is very rare, what Screen you have ?
Normally DVI inputs with DualLink support are downwards compatible with SIngle Link (will support up to 1080p over SL where you can go up to 1600p over DL of course).

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